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Welcome to InHabit Fitness, your complete Online Training Program. My programs are specifically designed to help you accomplish your goals while being paced at your current fitness level.  Let the games begin!

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I’m sure some of these things come easier than others. You don’t have to worry because we all have to start somewhere. Through my training and frequent assessments, you will make strides in all areas of your fitness journey.  By visiting this website, you have already taken the first step, showing your desire for change! I offer many different types of fitness and nutrition programs. This is because everyone’s needs are unique and so are the paths that are taken to get there.  Sign up today for your initial assessment (via phone or Skype). Let’s begin your journey to a new you!


  • Can you touch your toes?
  • Can you perform a proper pushup?
  • Can you squat low enough that your thighs are parallel to the floor?
  • Can you run a mile?
  • Can you cook yourself a healthy meal?

Building Lean Muscle Can Help You

  • Increase strength, feel confidence in movement, and reduce risk of injury
  • Resistance Training also strengthens bones and increases longevity
  • Weight Control – muscle mass increases your fat burning metabolism

Losing Weight Can Help You

  • Have more energy

  • Sleep better and wake up rested

  • Reduce aches and pains

  • Breathe easier

  • Improve your agility and flexibility